Jumbo Porgy's in September

Took out Lisa & John (all the way from New Zealand) for a morning trip today. They had a great time learning about the area, and catching some great fish. Lots of Porgy's, but some really large keeper fish today. We had some small weakfish, and lots of throwback porgy's. A great morning with almost no one else on the water. September is a great time to come fishing, light crowds, nice weather and lots of fish. Give a call and book a trip....

Ladies Day

Took out my Mom, sister Lisa, and niece Emily for an afternoon of fishing on the Peconics. We found the weakfish immediately, and the girls managed to put together a nice catch of keeper weakfish, and large porgys. We had a few sandsharks, and lots of laughs. I sent them home with a bag of tasty fillets for a great fish dinner.

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