Hot Blackfish Bite

This past sunday I took out Andy & Mary McGowan for some blackfish action. It didn't let us down. We had fish as soon as our first drop. Lots of shorts, and again as the tide slowed the big fish showed up. While they limited out, Andy was high hook with a monster 8 lb blackfish, while Mary culled a nice 6 lb fish from the rocks. These fish are biting - come on out.

Great Weather & Great Blackfishing

Went out with my friend Ed Deitch yesterday for some blackfish action. Went back to the same spot where we caught the 8 lb fish the day before, and it didn't disappoint. Just as before , once the tide slowed down the bite started. We managed to cull four nice keeper fish from the constant barrage of short fish hitting our baits. The ride home was directly into the sun, but flat calm. Great fishing, and a great fish dinner afterwards.

Togzilla !

Took out Bob Christiansen yesterday for some blackfishing, and it didn't disappoint. We had a slow pick until the tide slowed down, and then it was a steady stream of shorts with the occasional keeper fish. Then all of a sudden the rod bent down into the water. After two turns of the reel, I knew it was a giant fish. We netted and landed this monster which weighted out to 7 lbs 8 oz. Bob finished the day with his limit of blackfish plus a truly monstrous fish.

Fall Blackfish & False Albacore

Wendy and I went out yesterday for an afternoon trip to take advantage of the great weather. We found some false albacore in Plum Gut that took our poppers, and had a blast playing catch and release with these speedy fish. We moved over to the Blackfish grounds, and started catching short fish almost immediately after dropping anchor. Was a bit of a grind, but we managed two nice keeper fish (enough for dinner), so we headed in. It was a nice day on the water, and it was still T-shirt weather. The blackfish made a great dinner.

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