Lawi Charter Weakfish Limit

Took out the Lawi girls yesterday for a morning of fishing on the Peconic's, and it didn't disappoint. They got their weakfish boat limit, and went on to catch and release many more. There were also sandsharks, and porgys in the mix. Great time and some tasty fillets to bring home to the grill.

Underwater Fluke Footage

This is some underwater footage of Sea Robins chasing away a Fluke taken with the GoFish Cam. This was recorded on last weeks Shinnecock trip.

Shinnecock Fluke & SeaBass

Had a great trip to Shinnecock with JJ Kutner & Dom Marino today. It was a little foggy when we arrived, but we headed out to the reef and it cleared as we got there. We jigged some seabass on the reef, and a few short fluke. After moving inside the bay, and switching to shallow water gear, the boys managed three nice keepers and a bunch of shorts before we pulled the plug and went back home. A great day on the ocean , and tasty fillets for the table.

Another Great Week of Fishing & Fun

What a week, some great fishing, a tropical storm, and some cruising all make for a great time on the water. New faces, and old friends make this a great business. Summer is still here, so book a date and come on out.

Selkin Charter Weakfish Success

Had a great trip today with the Selkin boys, and their grandparents. They put together a great catch of weakfish, porgys, and some sand sharks. The boys had a blast, and some tasty fillets were taken home for the table. Fishing is great, so book a date, and come on out.

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