Old Cove Youth Sailing Foundation Charter

Took out a group of boys from the Old Cove Youth Sailing Foundation today for a morning fishing trip. We were immediately into the porgy's, but were searching for something bigger. On our second drift we found it - Weakfish. We did a few more drifts, and the boys managed to bag their limit of nice weakfish. There were a few sand sharks, and sea robins thrown into the mix, but they came home with nice bags of fillets for the table. Summers almost over, but September is beautiful on the North Fork, so come on out - dates are available.

Spectrum Designs Charity Charter

Did a charter today for the winners of the Spectrum Designs Foundation charity auction. Took out Drew and his son Max (recently moved from Bermuda), and his nephew Armen. The guys had a great time catching porgys, and the occasional small weakfish, and kingfish. The highlight was the blowfish that Max caught. It was a great trip with great guys for a good cause.

Weakfish are Back!

Did a charter for Peconic Water Sports today, and took out the Darwent boys, who were in from London, for a few hours on the bay. It was cold and windy, but the guys stuck it out. They had a fantastic trip with loads of Porgys, Sandsharks, small Sea Bass, and some amazing large Weakfish. Young Edward got the slammer weakfish, and was high hook for the day, losing count of the fish he caught. The weather change, and recent water temperature drop had a lot to do with todays catch, as we haven't seen weakfish like this for a while. There's still plenty of fishing after Labor Day, the weather is beautiful, and the boat traffic is less - come on out.

Solomon Family Charter

Had the Solomon family out yesterday for a morning of fishing. We found the porgies immediately, and worked on them the whole trip. They managed to ice a nice catch of fish, with daughter Avery being high hook for the day. The kids loved the blowfish, and we also caught a short fluke. Great time on the water, and the kids had a blast.

Ladies Day

Yesterday afternoon I took out a group of ladies for an afternoon of great fishing in the Peconics. The porgy's didn't disappoint, and a few other species filled out the catch. The girls were especially thrilled with a few blowfish that we caught, watching them puff up, and then be released back to the water. They took home a nice bag of fillets for the table, and a great afternoon was had by all. Remaining summer dates are filling, but fall fishing is right around the corner so give a call and get in on the action.

Kids Camp

This past Friday, I did another kids camp for Peconic Water Sports. I had four boys out, brothers & cousins. The boys had a great time catching porgy's, small weakfish, sea robins, and especially sand sharks. They put a few nice keepers in the box and had a great time on the water. Give a call for available dates - summers end is in sight. Book now for the upcoming fall run.

Kids Camp

Last week, I did another kids camp for Peconic Water Sports. I took out brothers Max & Leo, both from the UK. The boys had a great time pulling up most of what the bay has to offer at this time of year. They got Porgy's, Sandsharks, Sea Robins, and small Sea Bass. They took home a few large porgy's for the table, and had a great time on the water.

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