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Captain Services

Using Your Boat

  • Learn about local fishing techniques. 

  • Use our captain services to take you & your guests for a stress free lunch, dinner, or sunset cruise. 


Boat Deliveries

  • I have over 25 years of running boats along the east coast of the U.S.,  having run boats from Cape Cod to Key West & the Bahamas.  

  • We will provide turnkey service to your port of choice.  

Cruising :         $ 175 / Hour + Travel Expense

Sportfishing :   $ 225/  Hour + Travel Expense

Please call ahead to coordinate scheduling.

3 Hour Operations Training : $ 500 + Travel

This training is perfect for new boaters or experienced boaters who want to sharpen their skills.  It equips the boater with the knowledge needed to confidently and safely operate a boat.  I cover all the necessary operations including:

*  Docking - entering and leaving the dock safely

*  Anchoring

*  Navigation

*  Maneuvering in Close quarters and around other boats

*  Radio Etiquette

*  Situational Awareness


Captain : $ 400 / day

Mate      : $ 200 / day

All flights to and from the boat will be billed as a reimbursable charge.


Fuel payments, Dockage, Provisioning, & Daily Crew meals will be arranged with owner prior to departure.  


All deliveries will be scheduled around your needs, and current weather windows for quickest, safest, and most economical passage.

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