Parker 25

Credit Card # needed to hold booking.  If trip cancelled due to weather, deposit will be put towards later date.

Seasons & Trips

May - June

Fluke and Porgy are the primary quarry at this time of year.  The water is cooler, and boat traffic less.  The North Fork waters traditionally have spectacular fluking within minutes of the dock.  We can also catch springtime  Weakfish, Bluefish and Sea Bass.

July - September

As the local waters warm up, the fluke move out to deeper water off Montauk, also the Sea Bass season kicks off. In the bay the porgy fishing remains excellent, and there is a great weakfish run at this time of year.  This time of year is perfect time for young children to come out and fish in the bay, as the fishing is steady, and it keeps them engaged.  The weather in the bay is mild, and the fishing is within minutes of the dock.  Both Montauk and Offshore has great action this time of year if you are looking for a great full day trip or some offshore shark fishing action.


Blackfish season !  These tasty fish are in season in October, it's more weather dependent, and a bit of a longer run, but the fishing is worth it.  The run is out to Plumb Island, so dress warm and a great day can be had.

All fares include Tackle, Bait, Ice & Fish Cleaning

Peconic Bay Trips

$ 250 / Hour : North Fork / Shelter

$ 275 / Hour : Sag Harbor/Hamptons

Stay in the Bay and catch Weakfish, Porgy, Bluefish, Fluke    6 Anglers :  (Great trip for children).

Full Day Montauk Trip :  $ 1200

Spend the day fishing off of Montauk Point for Fluke & Sea Bass : 6 hr trip - 6 Anglers

South Fork Pick-Up : $ 1300

Offshore Shark Trip :  $ 1700

Spend the day fishing for sharks off Montauk.  All trips are Tag & release to conserve this great species.  4 Anglers

South Fork Pick-Up : $ 1800

Custom Packages

Please call to set up a custom charter.

Please call to determine departure times to coordinate weather & your schedule.

Captain reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather.  

Every attempt will be made to reschedule your trip.